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The diversity of parrots is known to be very high in Indonesia, from 10,000 species worldwide, of which 1599 species found in Indonesia and 85 is a type of parrot species. This is related to soil conditions, geographic location, climate supportive. Also the diversity of plants as a habitat, support the wealth of diversity of these animals.

But unfortunately, Indonesia also has the longest list of parrots, which is currently threatened with extinction, caused by poaching and trade, and also supported the continued presence of degraded habitats.

The hunt for traded parrot and deforestation are the biggest threat to the survival of parrots in Indonesia.

The existence of regulations that seek to protect wildlife in Indonesia is still not enough to guarantee its sustainability. Act No. 5 of the Republic of Indonesia Year 1990 on the Conservation of Natural Resources and Ecosystems which explicitly require the maintenance of ecosystem balance of flora and fauna in Indonesia.

It was found that Indonesia’s current deforestation reached 3.8 million hectares a year, meaning that in a minute had occurred by 7.2 hectares of forest damage.

While the illegal wildlife trade in Indonesia is very alarming. Found in a day has occurred transaction illegal wildlife trade as much as 10-30 tail or 9 trillion rupiah per year loss of value Indonesia

Wildlife in Indonesia has been on the verge of extinction if the protection and preservation efforts are not taken immediately to the fullest. Some species are also facing the threat of extinction among 104 species of birds, 57 species of mammals, 21 species of reptiles, 65 species of freshwater fish, and 281 plant species, moreover 72% of the forest as wildlife habitat in Indonesia have been lost.

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