About IPPL

What is IPPL

IPPL – The Indonesian Parrot Protection for Life is an independent non-profit organization engaged in protection of bird especially parrots and their habitats. IPPL established in 2009 based in Jakarta, is currently the focus of IPPL works to protect parrots and Their habitats through activities Investigation, Research and Education Campaign.

Establishment IPPL started feeling a high concern over cruel treatment of parrots in Indonesia. The cruel actions in starting the process of catching, transporting, trading up to be a pet, which they should live freely in the wild, in addition to the increasing capture parrots in the wild for illegally traded in bird markets in Java, Bali and Sumatra,

On the basis of these encouraging us to establish IPPL working to help preserve the lives of parrots in Indonesia to prevent acts of cruelty.

Parrot poaching  for trading is cruel and criminal acts. Than 85 types of parrots that exist in Indonesia, 14 species have been protected by law, and most of the parrots currently in danger of extinction due to poaching and the destruction of their forest habitat.

IPPL’s mission is to protect and save life of birds, especially parrots and their habitats from treats of acts of cruelty and extinction.

Objective IPPL is :

  • Raise public awareness of the importance of preservation and protection of birds in Indonesia.
  • Protecting birds especially parrots from exploitation and cruelty

Currently IPPL activity is to conduct research, monitoring and investigation of parrots and conduct campaigns and education about the importance of protecting parrots in their natural habitat in the archipelago – Indonesia.